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Dallas, TX – July 9, 2024 – SalesBoost, a leading provider of on-demand sales training for the hospitality industry, announces a groundbreaking partnership with Tia Graham, founder of Arrive At Happy. This collaboration introduces a series of cutting-edge courses designed to foster positive workplace culture and business growth through transformative leadership practices. 


The new course offerings will integrate SalesBoost’s award-winning AI patent training technology with Graham’s workplace happiness and leadership development expertise. This unique approach aims to equip leaders with the tools to create thriving, productive, and innovative teams. 

“We’re thrilled to partner with Tia Graham and Arrive At Happy. This collaboration allows us to address a critical need in our industry – developing leaders who can cultivate happy, high-performing teams. By combining our expertise with Tia’s insights on workplace happiness, we’re offering a holistic approach to leadership that we believe will transform organizational cultures and drive unprecedented success.”

Gretta Brooks, CEO and Founder of SalesBoost

The courses will cover topics such as Leadership Well-Being & Effectiveness, Team Cohesiveness and Trust, Coaching and Inspiring Team Members, and Creating Teams with Psychological Safety. Participants will gain practical strategies they can immediately implement to enhance their leadership skills and improve team dynamics. 


“I am excited and honored to partner with Salesboost to launch the Be a Happy Leader course! We are combining the science of learning and the science of happiness to give leaders proven strategies and tools for business success. There is a shared passion for professional growth and supporting people to drive profits.” 

Tia Graham, CEO and Founder of Arrive At Happy

For more information about the new leadership courses and the SalesBoost-Arrive At Happy partnership, please visit www.arriveathappy.com or contact +1 323 532 1115 or contact@arriveathappy.com 

About SalesBoost

SalesBoost is a patented, software as a service (SaaS) company providing a skill–based, simulation training platform that features unlimited business scenario replication and immediate feedback to improve effectiveness. SalesBoost leverages technology to fill the gap in learning retention and the adoption of new skills. It provides an engaging solution for professionals to tap into relevant, role-based content that is on-demand, self-paced, and available on any device, in short, easily digestible, micro-learning segments. Business professionals can access content that is meaningful to them, learn quickly, and practice real-world selling scenarios to be prepared for any situation. Additional information on SalesBoost can be found at www.SalesBoost.com.

About Tia Graham, Arrive At Happy

Tia Graham is an international keynote and TEDx speaker, best-selling author and leadership trainer on positive psychology, positive work cultures, and business growth. She has worked with dozens of global companies such as Marriott Hotels, Hewlett Packard, and The American Heart Association to elevate employee engagement and drive bottom line results. With multiple certifications in neuroscience, positive psychology, coaching, and employee retention, and over 14 years of leadership experience, Tia is widely regarded by business leaders in her field.  

Her insights have been featured in major media such as CNN, Forbes, and Fast Company to name a few. Her bestselling book, Be a Happy Leader, teachers her proprietary 8-step methodology on driving productivity and business growth through a culture of happiness. 

Tia is a Certified Chief Happiness Officer from Woohoo Inc., Europe’s premier Happiness At Work organization and is a speaker at the annual World Happiness Summit. She is also Certified in Neuroscience from The Neuroscience School. Arrive At Happy is part of The WooHoo! Network, an international group of more than 130 happiness at work consultants and practitioners from 29 countries. We have unparalleled expertise in creating sustainable change for happier businesses with happier people. Our collective of partners have trained and supported over 100,000 people globally to be happy at work.   



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