SalesBoost and GF Hotels & Resorts have entered into a strategic partnership for emerging hospitality leaders. 

PLANO, Texas and PHILADELPHIA, April 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — SalesBoost, the premiere on-demand skill-based learning and coaching platform and GF Hotels & Resorts, a leading hotel ownership and management company with more than 140 upscale and midscale U.S. hotels and resorts in its portfolio, have entered into a strategic partnership to provide GF team members with a dynamic new initiative designed for the professional development of their emerging leaders known as the GF Career Advancement Program or CAP.

“Investment in our internal talent, is a GF core value and our company understands that a robust skills development strategy along with structured programming is essential to develop the future leaders who will drive our business forward” said GF Hotels & Resorts President and Chief Operating Officer John A. Rubino. “More importantly, we know this approach will assist individual team members to thrive and achieve both personal and professional success” he added.

GF CAP will provide team members in both operations and sales with an ongoing mechanism to enhance their skills and knowledge leading to proficiency in their current jobs, the realization of future leadership roles and the momentum to facilitate transfers or promotions. GF CAP also offers a compelling means to attract top talent as the company continues to grow and scale as an organization.

SalesBoost will power the initiative by providing role-based training using a unique and innovative approach to learning focused on boosting confidence, performance, and ultimately, results. The learning outcomes for each training session will be for team members to understand and demonstrate the behaviors and skills associated with leadership excellence and to accelerate career advancement for existing and future leaders.

The GF CAP is designed as a 12-month program comprised of three tiers: a core program, a professional program, and an expert program. Each GF CAP participant will be provided with a structured and customized learning plan focused on their preferred career path and upon completion of all three tiers, team members will graduate from the program as a certified GF CAP Leader.

“The GF Hotels & Resorts team members constitute an ideal audience to benefit from the on-demand SalesBoost platform. In a brief time, we can ensure they learn how to take their knowledge and talents to the next level.” said SalesBoost CEO and Founder Gretta Brooks. “The science behind SalesBoost enables the quick development and effective retention of new expertise.” 

SalesBoost is based on the neuroscience of adult learning and is proven to develop the muscle memory necessary to learn a new skill. The courses are delivered in short segments where users “learn by doing” with unlimited practice sessions using SalesBoost’s patented voice analysis training system. This active learning approach fosters a positive user experience, an increase in retention of skills, and on-going employee readiness.

The SalesBoost solution allows GF Hotels & Resort team members to tap into relevant, role-based content. Nearly 200 active courses are available under a host of categories including leadership, customer service, compliance, service execution, personal development, marketing initiatives, sales initiatives and various hospitality related roles such as operations, front desk, group sales, business travel, catering sales, conference services, and quick-service restaurants.  The courses are self-paced and available on any device, in short, easily digestible, micro-learning segments. Users can access content that is meaningful to them, learn quickly, and practice real-world scenarios to be prepared for any situation.

Gretta Brooks, SalesBoost CEO


About GF Hotels & Resorts

GF Hotels & Resorts, through its operating affiliates, is an award-winning, full-service hospitality ownership, management, and advisory company founded in 1988 and based in Center City, Philadelphia.

With over 140 hospitality assets under management, including hotels, resorts, conference centers, and golf courses in 31 states, GF Hotels & Resorts specializes in third-party management, loan workout strategies, receiverships, asset management, and advisory services for a variety of individual, private, institutional, and financial clients. Many of GF’s core hospitality assets within the portfolio are owned by its principals and provide the strength and balance of ownership and management.

GF believes in the entrepreneurial spirit with a promise of integrity and an overall passion for hospitality. Throughout its 34 years in business, GF has delivered superior results through positive operating and financial performance, implemented impactful capital strategies, dedicated itself to excellence in guest services, and focused on an unwavering commitment to cultivating longstanding relationships. Due to its proven successes, having recently won awards from Hotel Business Magazine, Hotel Management, and Lodging Magazine, GF is known nationally as a distinguished leader throughout the hospitality industry. Connect with us on LinkedIn or visit us at


About SalesBoost 

SalesBoost is a patented, software as a service (SaaS) skill-based training and coaching solution for the hospitality industry that improves the value of an organization’s human capital. SalesBoost leverages technology to fill the gap in learning retention, adoption of new skills, and time to proficiency. It provides an engaging solution for users to tap into relevant, role-based courses that are on-demand, self-paced and available on any device, in short, easily digestible, micro-learning segments. Users can access content that is meaningful to them, learn quickly, and practice real-world scenarios to be prepared for any situation. Additional information on SalesBoost can be found at 

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