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Pre-Packaged Sales Meeting Kits

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What is a Training Suite? 

Today, Leaders wear a lot of different hats.  Our ready-made training suites are downloadable topic-driven trainings that are pre-packaged and ready to present to your team! They are designed to make a Leader’s life easier and to reinforce the critical skills required to win in today’s competitive market.  With a variety of topics available based on our online courses, you will be able to lead and facilitate an interactive and impactful training meeting to create sales intensity, set clear expectations and drive results. Sign up for SalesBoost today to download the training suite of your choice!

Training Suite Features & Benefits

  • Downloadable Training Meetings
    easy to customize or facilitate as is
  • Facilitator Instructions
    with speaking notes for seamless train the trainer hand-off
  • Downloadable Handouts
    useful take ways and resources
  • Image- Driven, Customizable PowerPoint Presentation
    with notes to support learning objectives
  • Interactive Exercises with Leader Instructions
    to promote active learning
  • Pre and Post Work Exercises
    for engagement and retention
  • Built to support blended learning
    and reinforce the SalesBoost online role-based courses
  • Pre-packed and ready for easy download


Available Training Suites

Building Rapport: Work with your team to improve effetive techniques to build rapport and implement them into eveyone’s daily selling routine.

Closing Techniques: Demonstrate effective closing techniques and implement closing strategy into your team’s daily selling routine and increase your team’s closing ratio.

Elevator Pitch: Everyone needs an Elevator Pitch that describes in a concise way not only what you do but also how your service or product can benefit your client.  Work with your team to create and implement a top-notch elevator pitch that compliments them, as well as your organization.

Goal Planning: Use this tool kit to work with your team to help set and rach goals individually and as a whole team.

Overcoming Objections: Use this tool kit to overcome obstacles and challenges in the catering sales process with your team.

Positioning Statement Tool Kit Part 1 & Part 2:  Use these tool kits to work with your team on their elevator pitch and your hotel’s positioning statement.

Presenting Creative Solutions: Demonstrate effective techniques to present creative solitions and impleement them into your dailey sales routine.

Qualifying Needs: Demonstrate qualifying skills, active listening skills, and observation techniques.

Successful Negotiations: Good negotiations contribute significantly to business success, as they help you build better relationships, deliver more customized, quality solutions, and can benefit both parties involved.   Facilitate an interactive discussion using this Successful Negotiations Leadership Tool Kit to help boost your team’s confidence to secure strong mutually beneficial agreements.

Upselling: Upselling is an art that when done well, will benefit both the buyer and the supplier.  However, the opportunity to upsell is often lost due to either the perception of being pushy or the fear of “No”.  Use this Upselling Training Kit to boost your team’s upselling confidence and create a successful upselling strategy to enhance every customer experience and most importantly, increase revenue and your profits.