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The SalesBoost


No more boring webinars that go unwatched

SalesBoost offers an involving and engaging way to help sales reps hone their skills, whether new to the sales arena or a seasoned veteran.

No wasting money on expensive training

Unlike current sales training methods, SalesBoost provides powerful results and ongoing training to keep your sales team operating at peak performance.

Comprehensive curriculum

SalesBoost offers relevant, role-based courses for any skill level that are delivered in a micro-learning format allowing sales professionals to learn quickly, practice, and apply new skills immediately.

Objective feedback on sales performance

SalesBoost provides coaching on not just what to say, but how to say it. Our proven, scientific approach to learning, using voice analysis software, helps sales professionals develop muscle memory by practicing how to deliver an effective message that resonates.

Real-time results

Who doesn’t love instantaneous results? We do at SalesBoost! Our instant results and coaching through our sales simulation process allows team members to adjust immediately and practice until they achieve confidence and optimum sales effectiveness.

SalesBoost Core


1) Overview Video

Introduces the course topic, theme and key points. There may be multiple videos to a course.

2) Best Practices

A robust library full of user-based questions and answers including downloadable PDFs, templates, access to videos, blogs, articles, stats & research and more!

3) Quiz Yourself

Check Your Knowledge. A time for users to test what they have learned so far. Reinforces the key take-aways.

4) Rehearsal, Instant Feedback & Coaching

This is the secret sauce to the SalesBoost experience! Put what you learn into action right away and receive instant feedback and coaching. Practice as many time as you want.

5) Assessment

The true test! The Assessment will lock in a user’s score for recognition, reporting, and future needs analysis.

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