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“Salesboost utilizes feedback in a unique and personal way without old-school role-playing. A great learning tool, no matter your skill level. Innovative tool that provides feedback for improved performance using voice recognition technology. Very cool.”

~ Aimee Ogden, Corporate Sales Manager, Sheraton McKinney








“The feedback on Salesboost from my Sales Managers has been fantastic! They feel the training is current, relevant and valuable. They appreciate the ability to practice and rehearse sales scenarios. It reduces the pressure that comes from the shop call process. I feel this training will only help the Sales Managers become more confident communicating with a client and at the same time help them hone their craft.”

~ Jennifer Caldwell, Director of Sales, Dallas/ Addison Marriott Quorum by the Galleria



“Everything I have tried is easy to navigate – adding employees, assigning training. Simple! The module was very easy for me as well.”

~ Dawn Fischer-Patterson, Director of Sales, Sheraton McKinney

“It’s a cool tool to use for the team! Plus it also gives information on how best to handle different situations and has tons of practical tips.”

~ Erlin Evangalista Moya, Director of Sales & Marketing, Doubletree Campbell Centre

“I loved it! I am planning on doing one course per day at least. It is an amazing tool. The scenarios are helpful and allow me to listen to the way I sound and encourages me to speak slower and articulate.
Totally Relevant! It helps me and provides insight into how I can do my job better. I also like that I am exposed to different training other than my daily responsibility to prepare me for the future.”

~ Armando Quintero, Sales & Marketing Director, Fairfeld Inn & Suites, Towne Place Suites, By Marriott in El Centro, CA


“It is a great implementation, and I definitely think it would help as I have begun to implement some of the notes I got from the site in regards to how to better qualify the business. Overall, a great idea.”

~ Yewande Museo, Sales Manager, Hyatt Place Tampa Busch Gardens





“The scripts for the calls were 100% accurate for how a prospecting call should go. The feedback portion after the rehearsals was very helpful, too. At one point, I noticed my voice was a little raspy with it being early in the morning when I took the call. The feedback recommended I drink some water to help with my voice, and that helped tremendously for my next rehearsal.  Overall, I was very impressed with the entire program!”

~ Carly Durham, Membership Director, The Downtown Club, Houston, TX 



“Finished my training yesterday. Great content and I really enjoyed the flow, the variety of learning styles the information was presented in and the fun and engaging branding.”

~ Ann Cook, Director of Sales, Doubletree by Hilton Bend 








“I just want to say Thank You. You make learning fun and you create excitement on what new training is happening and accessible and I appreciate that. Excitement is contagious, and I love the support you provide in making sure all salespeople stay on top of their skills. So, thank you for all the hard work, it shows!”

~ Carolyn Williams, Director of Sales, Tower Hotel Oklahoma City 











“I’ve mainly improved in the way I ask questions to my clients – I’m able to ask the tougher questions in a more positive manner that keeps them engaged and interested. Overall my sales skills over the phone have definitely improved and I’m continuously telling myself smile over the phone to keep momentum and positivity going.

~ Anna Catherine Simpson, Sales Associate, Aloft Raleigh







• My biggest A-ha moment has been from the Catering Sales Qualifying Needs – BC104 Frequently Asked Questions from a Wedding Inquiry. My main focus on events are weddings, so going over this lesson really helped with giving me pointers for any upcoming weddings.
• SalesBoost training stands out because they give real life events, extra tips/websites, and give wonderful feedback during the training that way you know whether you’re on the right track or not.
• I have been implementing the inquires for the upcoming weddings we are going to be having. I’m learning from past experiences and implementing these inquires that way I can make sure to cover EVERYTHING for the couples’ wedding day.

~ Brianna Roa, Events & Sales Manager, WAVES Resort Corpus Christi

“The more you learn, the better you’re going to be as a salesperson. And the more we book, the more hours our housekeepers and line employees receive! This helps with consistent service to our customers.

It’s important to always continue to learn. Because at the end of the day, knowledge is power!”

~ Cecilia De Leon, Sales Manager, Houston Marriott Sugar Land, Remington Hotels & Resorts

“The courses are very interesting and helpful! The SalesBoost rehearsals are very similar to a consultative selling model. I enjoy practicing this style of selling and learning new ways of saying or phrasing my responses. I also like the resources!”

I save and reference them often.”

~ Nicole Ricucci, Catering Manager, Historic Inns of Annapolis, Remington Hotels & Resorts

“SalesBoost’s practice simulation makes you feel less judged. It’s a safe space to learn and it provides a better understanding of how your tone, smile, posture, and things you don’t realize truly impact a conversation.

SalesBoost validated that it does. I am a fan of the program! It’s great for collaboration and building confidence and my team is getting a lot out of it.”

~ Nicole Considine, Director of Sales & Marketing, Westin San Antonio North

“I love SalesBoost! It is great, not just for our sales team, but for our operations team and front office.

One of our Front Desk Agents had a 20-point improvement month over month for Intent to Recommend just by using SalesBoost as a tool to get comfortable!”

~ Julie Ramirez, General Manager at Sheraton San Diego

Lauren C. is a shining light throughout GF Hotels & Resorts! I couldn’t agree more with her excitement around the best mentorship program in the industry!

Thank you SalesBoost for making such a huge impact throughout our company!


~ Ryan Alpert, Executive VP Sales & Commercial Strategy, GF Hotels & Resorts

“It’s definitely opened a lot of doors. My current role as a coordinator is supporting the team and Salesboost has been critical in focusing on my development. I’m getting to learn things that I may not have been able to. It’s been great.”

~ Kris Vargas, Hilton Houston NASA Clear Lake

“It’s definitely opened a lot of doors. My current role as a coordinator is supporting the team and Salesboost has been critical in focusing on my development. I’m getting to learn things that I may not have been able to. It’s been great.”

~ Kate Schwartz, Acquisition Development Coordinator, GF Hotels & Resorts

“The self-assigning courses have truly been beneficial. As things come up in my work life I can bet on SalesBoost to have a course I may refer to assist me with any topic.”

~ Cara Tolentino, Director of Business Strategy, Million Air Dallas

“Salesboost is such a cool experience. I love the technology. I like that you can listen to your voice and see a grid on how your confidence, tone, and momentum perform. It’s fun and I’m enjoying it.”

~ Ben Towler, Sales Administrative Assistant, The National Hotel

It’s all about self-motivation.

I challenge my team to use Salesboost as a tool to help them be better and more effective.”

~ Thomas Franklin, Beverly Hills Marriott, Remington Hotels & Resorts

“I can’t tell you how excited I was when GF announced that I was in the first wave of this exciting program. I am taking advantage of the GF CAP program and utilizing the training to build my skills. It’s easy to use so it’s a no-brainer.”

Lauren Cooper, Area Director of Sales, Hilton Garden Inn Houston NW Willowbrook, GF Hotels & Resorts

“SalesBoost has helped me restructure the entire way I sell! I definitely have seen success.

~ Cheryl Williams, Sales Manager, Houston Marriott Sugar Land

“What I think is so cool about this platform, is the ease of use in a sales meeting. I can review the activity reports and dive into them to hear the rehearsals. Salesboost provides clean, simple, and direct bites of the sales process and best practices you can focus on as a sales leader with your team.”

~ Mike Edwards, Director of Sales & Marketing, Houston Marriott Sugar Land

“With SalesBoost, gaining new ideas on how to respond to customer needs and having the ability to practice those conversations has been so beneficial!”

~ Brooke Ross, Director of Sales & Marketing, Hotel Trio Healdsburg

“Now, when I’m talking to my customers, I’m more aware of how I am speaking. The SalesBoost training definitely helps me to ensure I am focused on my message, the way I convey my message, and how to sell my hotel.”

Ashley White, Group Sales Manager, The Lytle Park Hotel

“The shop calls were taking away from our selling time. Whereas SalesBoost is educating you with things to use in practicality within day-to-day sales!

~ Betty Ann Lewis, Senior Sales Manager, The Shores Resort & Spa

It is a great program providing the necessary tools for success. I schedule time at the end of my day for my professional development. That’s how I top off my day while gearing up for the next day.”

~ Jim Coppedge, Director of Sales, Marriott Austin North

“SalesBoost helps you become cognizant of what you’re saying and how you’re saying it. Ensuring you’re confident and have a positive attitude. It trains you to do that without even thinking.

~ Kristine Hartmann, Sales & Catering Manager, Delta by Marriott in Menomonee Falls

“I have been in the hotel industry for over 19 years now, and I always keep an open mind about learning. I feel that you can always learn and improve. You should never stop learning and growing. I think that the SalesBoost training is definitely valuable. I love what I do and will use SalesBoost to continue to grow.”

~ Joyce Barabicho, Director of Commercial Sales, Holiday Inn Express NW Arlington Heights