Simon T. Bailey’s

Be the SPARK

Be the Spark: Five Platinum Service Principles for Creating Customers for Life


Key Learning Objectives

•  Equip you with a simple SPARK Framework so you can infuse your culture with a mindset to win

•  Retain customers in a growing market

•  Turn customers into loyal fans

•  Create unforgettable moments that keep customers coming back


Platinum Service Starts with Leaders

“…Leaders give to a Platinum Service culture by demonstrating care for others, a shared purpose, values, and expected behaviors of the overarching service mission…Establish a culture where everyone matters…When employees feel connected, supported, and valued, conditions are suitable for commitment and growth.” Simon T. Bailey

See Them as Guests

“You have to unlearn what you’ve been taught about customer service and begin to see people – all of them – as guests, rather than customers, employees, or suppliers.” Simon T. Bailey

Personalize the Experience

“Simply meeting demands and sticking to a tried-and-true formula won’t cut it these days. Your customers have unique and varied personalities, so your customer service approach has to be uniquely personalized to suit each one.” Simon T. Bailey

Anticipate and Uncover Needs

“Your customers have two types of needs: Spoken and Unspoken. When you’re able to anticipate what a customer might do based on who they are and what they may be concerned about, you create a branded moment.” Simon T. Bailey

Respond Immediately

“Responding with immediate and appropriate service is about seizing each moment to go above and beyond to fulfill a need.” Simon T Bailey

Keep them Loyal Through Kindness

“Do you know how valuable loyal customers are? Loyal customers are worth up to ten times the amount they spend on their first purchase.” Simon T. Bailey

Meet the Author, 

Simon T. Bailey 

Speaker, Author, Life Coach and Breakthrough Strategist