Simon T. Bailey’s

Brilliant Presenter

Impact, Influence, and Inspire Any Audience


Key Learning Objectives

•  Learn to effectively convey your message and goal in your presentation to an audience or client.

•  Learn how to impact, influence, and inspire your audience or client into your way of thinking. 

•  Learn engaging techniques to present your proposals and ideas in ways that capture your audience. 

•  Learn the trusted formula, from the #1 Storyteller himself, to organize your presentation to be truly Brilliant!


A Piece of C.A.K.E

The first step in becoming a Brilliant Presenter is understanding the C.A.K.E model (Confidence, Authenticity, Knowledge, and Enthusiasm). Take this course to understand how you can unleash each aspect of the C.A.K.E model in your own presentations.

The Conversation

Your presentation should feel like a conversation with the audience. Whether your audience is one client or hundreds of people, the second course in the Brilliant Presenter series will help your presentation feel conversational.

Your Story

Facts Tell, Stories Sell. Stories are the most compelling part of any presentation. Take this course to learn how to hone your storytelling to make a greater impact on your audience.

Your Audience

Every presenter strives to connect with their audience. There are a number of ways you can connect with your audience and anticipate what they might be feeling or thinking. Take course number 4 in the Brilliant Presenter series to learn more!

The Outcome

The outcome of your presentation is anything you want the audience thinking, feeling, or doing as a result of what you say to them. Take course number 5 in the Brilliant Presenter Series to learn more!

The Formula

The formula is the final course in our Brilliant Presenter series and ties a nice bow around all the previous courses. Use this formula as the final step in creating a memorable presentation.

Meet the Author, 

Simon T. Bailey 

Speaker, Author, Life Coach and Breakthrough Strategist